Don't you know pump it up!!!

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Don’t you know pump it up! You’ve got to pump it up

To celebrate the release of his latest single “Outta control”, Danzel presents the official “Danzel” application available for iOS devices

The application allows you to stay up-to-date on Danzel’s carreer and gives you the chance to go back in time and overview his past accomplishments.

Stay in touch with Danzel

A few of the functions of the official application are:
-Connect to Twitter and and read his latest tweets in real-time;
-Take a look at his pictures and be the first to see new picture sets;
-Share pictures directly to your Facebook-profile or share them with your friend(s) through email;
-Watch all of his videos;
-Check his tour-schedule;
-Buy singles or albums with direct links to I-Tunes;
-Become a fan of Danzel and connect directly to his Official Danzel Page on Facebook.



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