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Dodgem Cars – Yikes!! This car’s out of control!!

Wooooaaahhh stop it!!

Do you like to Crash Cars! Great! You are in the right place!

Have you ever wanted to crash your Mustang into a Mercedes?

With Dodgem Cars you can.

Test your skills in high speed turns. Screw your enemies, leave them a special gift. Be bad!

But watch out! They can hit you too! If you want to survive keep your eye on the clock and get away from the crash site quickly. Speed is king.

This is not Grandma’s car!
It’s a Bumper Car! It’s hard to drive!

To drive the car simply touch on the screen the direction you want to go!

Have fun with this exciting and addictive game.


A nice game to enjoy on your free time, once you are able to master the steering it’s fun.

Meaw Meaw

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