Eggs Shooter

The Eggs Shooter is here! So... Mind your head!

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Mind your head!

Let the city tremble!

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The Egg Shooter has just arrived and is going to throw eggs to all those annoying neighbors.

* Arcade Game with OpenFeint and Facebook integration
* Fantastic graphics and animation.

If you want to have fun and a good time throwing eggs, you are on my team!. With enough practice and dedication you could become a Professional Eggs Shooter, like me …

But it is not that simple. You have to consider the wind, throw power, and shoot direction to master this art.

Remember, mom’s eggs are limited so don’t go around wasting shoots, unless you
can find those eggs baskets that will help you replenish your stock.

Enjoy your time being bad and making a dirtier city.

Enough talk, I am throwing eggs now! Wooohoo!


I like this game a lot. Great looking graphics and color, lots of fun to play. My kids love it too.


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