Mutant Toy

Welcome to the world of Mutant Toy!

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Welcome to the world of Mutant Toy!

A game for all ages! Featured in iTunes in 563 places.

Dive into the adventures of Rhiny and its power to become any of its dear friends. Change into Charlie (the falcon), Jenny (the hedgehog) and Alex (the dolphin), whenever you needs, in this magical world of Gugus.

Visit the 5 islands: The Caribbean, The Desert, The Volcano, The Jungle and The Frozen Ground, overcoming all obstacles that you will surely find.

Run, Fly and Swim

Get as many diamonds as you can, as they will be useful to complete the achievement, so you can show your friends how good you are playing the Mutant Toy Game.

This game includes integration with:
– OpenFeint
– GameCenter
– Facebook.


The game is a joy to play. Fun and visually appealing.


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